Friday, November 21, 2008

A BROTHER OF THE IRON GAME - IN HONOR OF ARMY SPECIALIST- MARQUES I. KNIGHT -4,196 Americans have lost their lives in Iraq, 556 in Afghanistan.

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Being an Army veteran, a former member of the 82nd Airborne unit from Fort Bragg North Carolina

it is a honor to pay my respect to MARQUES KNIGHT of 1st battalion 26th, infantry 3rd regiment, 3rd brigade combat team, 1st. infantry division at Fort Hood, Texas. He always gave himself the chance to do better.

My Veterans Day tribute is just now being posted because of the death of a brother of the IRON MARQUES I. KNIGHT 

24 years old had endured a tough childhood. He refused to be what life had dealt him, he wanted better and he was not going to stop until he got it. That’s what drove Marques to California. A man of vary interest, computer animation his first love along with his other goal to get his college degree. 

Marques Knight of 1st battalion 26th, infantry 3rd regiment,
3rd brigade combat team, 1st. infantry division at Fort Hood, Texas
After the fall of the twin towers. knight WAS IN IRAQ IN 2004

REJOINED in 2007 and was sent to Afghanistan where he was fatally shot during an ambush in the city of Alibad in Northern Afghanistan, near the Pakistani border.

Knight was a beautiful funny man and a brother of the iron game, with one of his hobbies being weight training. 

Marques cared as much for his drawings as for his body, in which he would have dreams of while sleeping. 

He'd order nutritional supplements, and weight gainers to supplement his bodybuilding. He would have his family ship him foods high in protein such as tuna, sardines, and salmon he wanted to bulk up his lean 6’5 frame. He trained twice a day. 

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Knight is survived by a large extended family including brothers Jerry and Jeffery Knight. 

Knight is buried at the gardens of memory cemetery in Kinsey, Alabama. 

May your soul rest in peace. 

Peace, ROBBY 



Anonymous said...

God rest. Thank you for your service, Marques and Robby.

Jim Davis said...

May he be remembered with honor.