Tuesday, May 13, 2008


To The Prince:

Sir, you look absolutely fantastic. You are one of the very few I'm aware of, who speaks with confidence, but without arrogance. You are everything you say you are. Very youthful, and always in supreme shape and muscularity. Unlike many, many other professional BB's, you have never stopped working out, never taken on regretful injuries and serious illnesses. You have never left bodybuilding. Your 'internal communication' and dialogue to yourself must be as close to perfect as possible. Unlike myself and innumerable others, you don't let other people bother you in the least. This is a true special gift; although, I would imagine you saying that it is not so much a gift as it is a mental skill that takes practice just like any other skill to master.

I am inspired, and I thank you sincerely!

Kevin Chouinard, 49

Crestview FL

KEVIN --- 
Thanks for your kind words. They are greatly appreciated.

Growing up in the South prepared me for the world. AS AN AMATEUR then PROFESSIONAL bodybuilder, the jealous BEHAVIOR of my fellow competitors in those days strengthened me. My mom gave me a strong belief system. Seeing how hard she worked with all 14 of her children molded me into a hard worker and made me never want to disappoint her. 

The art of bodybuilding intrigued me because I always felt I had a strong bead on what a physique should look like being blessed with great genetics and tenacity. I wanted to explore all the possibilities of the business /sport. Being a very CALM person NATURALLY empowered me. I had a deep mental focus and desire to develop a physique that would stand the will of time and that others would appreciate. Having it as a piece of ART long after I was gone to the others side, was my goal. 

Changing your focus will change your emotional state which will change your behavior. TO HAVE SUCH A STRONG DESIRE TO BE SUCCESSFUL AS I HAD, YOU must get rid of mental clutter and listening too much to others. I think this has been the downfall of the competitive bodybuilder. 

We ask others to be our eyes. WHEN BODYBUILDING IS ABOUT EMPOWERMENT THROUGH CONFRONTING OF SELF. You have to take control of your perceptions. It takes time to learn how to come up with effective strategies to overcome negative thoughts and outside forces. 

Be passionate about life and what you are doing. NEVER worrying about what other say and feel about you - SOMETHING YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OVER. This focus wrecks your mindset and belief system. 

Determination, sustained effort, controlled attention creates THE WINNING EDGE. 
There is nothing you can’t achieve. 
Stay focused.
peace & best wishes,
Robby Robinson

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