Friday, June 22, 2007


I'll be profiling the various artists who collaborated on my BUILT DVD, first of which is STEVEN who did the music.

STEVEN EVANNE HEINSTEIN attended the USC School of Music for jazz and Emerson College for creative writing. 

Following graduation, he toured the world as a recording artist bouncing from LA to London, NYC to Sydney. 

He currently resides in Los Angeles, where he writes and produces for pop artists, film, and television. 

His songs have been recorded on 4 different continents, and grace various forms of media from art installations to major feature films.

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Anonymous said...

Just want everyone to know that Steve is a first class act indeed! Please checkout his sites and his awesome music! Great talent indeed and all round great guy!Cheers Richard

Anonymous said...

Steven Heinstein is human garbage. A pathological liar (he didn't attend USC for jazz) user and a complete phoney. NEVER believe a word he says about anything. You let him into you life, you let the devil in. You get fooled by him? You were warned. One of the most self-centered, egotistical, two-faced, using, corrupt human sould wasting oxygen on earth right now.

The Lord said...

This is hilarious. This guy is a total fraud and a liar. He lies about everything. He didn't go to USC for jazz - He can barely play drums. He was always a joke and wannabe white rapper fronting the laughing stock of the Boston music scene, Throat Culture, a band that every other real band in Boston snickered at. Funny how he diesn't mention that. He has also never toured. NEVER TOURED. He's played a handful of show in New England. That's it. He just thinks it'll make his sound more pro if he fronts like he's actually accomplished something without the warm saftey net of his daddy's wallet to fund his endeavors. All lies, kids. Every word you read above is a lie, just like everything else that comes out of little Stevie Heinstein's mouth. Lies, lies, lies. Use, use, use. The most insincere, two-faced little guy you could ever know. Be warned - If you are dealing with this guy, you are in bed with the devil.