Wednesday, June 6, 2007

part 7

In the last weeks of preparation before a show, a well-trained, properly-supplemented and mentally-conditioned physique is better prepared and will out-perform one that’s riddled with anabolic steroids. For this 8 wk countdown, I made sure that my off-season program was the platform that made this story a success. Because of this, as the weeks progressed I had more energy, physical endurance, and an upbeat attitude that beamed with excitement. The little changes used in the last week before the shoot were; cutting flaxseed oil after each meal taking from 1 tbs. to 1 or 1 1/2 teaspoons, eating leaner protein foods; using fish for my last meal, less egg yolks at breakfast and more fresh veggies after each additional meal. Having entered this pre-contest countdown already in condition is what allowed me to only need subtle manipulations. And that's what real bodybuilding is about. Trying to get in shape during the countdown has been the biggest mistake I’ve seen the competitor bodybuilder making. This approach is also what has lead bodybuilding more and more into its obscene use of anabolics and diuretics.


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