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Bodybuilding History is being made.
24 Champions from bodybuilding's true Golden Age the 1950s 60s and 70s-will be honored for their contribution to the Iron Game and the positive impact they have had within the health & fitness industry at the World Body Building Guild International Fitness Hall of Fame Awards to be held on August 25 to 26, 2007, in Portland Maine.

These ceremonies, at which many bodybuilding, entertainment, and even political notables such as President Ronald Reagan, Clint Eastwood, Sylvester " Rocky " Stallone have been inducted into the WBBG Fitness Hall of Fame.

The very first Hall of Fame Dinner in 1965 where Sigmund Klein was honored.
Head & founder of the World Body Building Guild Dan Lurie, says the awards were put in place to bring recognition and respect to those who have worked hard and remained dedicated to the World's Greatest Physical pursuit; bodybuilding.

The WBBG Fitness Hall of fame ceremonies have proven a popular way for Dan to reach out and give recognition to those who deserve it. The events them selves are always enjoyable and for the bodybuilding enthusiast it does not get any better than seeing and meeting many multiple bodybuilding champions all under one roof. Now Dan at age 84 has outdone himself. He will host more =champions than ever at his 2007 version . in fact, so far, based of the number of inductee to attend. It proves to be one of the biggest bodybuilding spectacles of all-time.

Be sure to mark August 25 to 26 on your calendar, purchase your tickets for the WBBG Mr.. & Miss North American contest and on Sunday Aug.. 26th
watch history unfold as many great Golden Age bodybuilding champions join the ranks of past recipients, bodybuilding immortals Steve Reeves, Reg Park and Sergio Oliva. This one is not to be missed!

The 24 Invited Inductees are:

  • Joe Abbenda
  • John Balik
  • Samir Bannout
  • Leon Brown
  • Boyer Coe
  • Franco Columbu
  • Ed Corney
  • Chris Dickerson
  • Dave Draper
  • Marvin Eder
  • Warren Fredricks
  • Bill Grant
  • Bob Kennedy
  • Mike Katz
  • Anibal Lopez
  • Steve Michalik
  • Sergio Oliva
  • Bill Pearl
  • Harold Poole
  • Robby Robinson
  • Larry Scott
  • Dennis Tinerino
  • Casey Viator
  • Frank Zane

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